Many times the emotions of a character in a story are overlooked, we seem to only relate when we’ve been in a similar situation or know someone who has. Usually instead of relating to the character we either feel things for them like pity or happiness. Sometimes in stories emotions aren’t blatantly conveyed, but rather implied. The emotions of women in old text are probably the most overlooked seeing as though women didn’t have very big roles. Being a woman one can identify with other females and implicate how a female character might be feeling. Being a man? Well, one might be quite confused. I’ve decided to take two different women from two different stories on two opposite sides of the emotional spectrum. One is a woman scorned and the other is a woman madly in love. The woman scorned is known as Medea, a woman who was left by her husband for another woman and put her in a quite devastated state, so devastated that she invoked the ultimate revenge. The other woman is Iseult, better known as Tristan’s love interest from “Tristan & Iseult”. She was a woman who was madly in love with a man who was not hers; driven by passion she carries on an affair with him. However she doesn’t get the happy ending she longs for. The following tracks you are about to hear follow the emotions of these two women and what they were probably feeling if it could be told through song.


1.      1.  Get Along With You- Kelis

2.      2.  I Care- Beyoncé

3.       3. 3:16 A.M.- Jhene Aiko

4.      4.  Lovesick- TLC

5.      5.  Caught Out There- Kelis


This song is kind of like an intro to what’s happening with Medea. He husband Jason has decided to leave her and their children for another and she is devastated. However she is forced to deal with his decision because there is only so much she can do. She can not make him stay with her. This song would kind of be like an overture and is consistent with the heartbreak Medea endures in this story. The lyrics basically explain everything she could possibly feel.  

Source: SoundCloud / Jotace oldschool

This next song was chosen to convey the hurt that Medea felt behind her husband’s actions, in this song Beyoncé starts out saying “I told you how you hurt me baby, but you don’t care”. Medea vocalized the way she felt and her husband basically told her to stop because she was endangering her life and the lives of their children. He offers to help her but she denies. She most likely denied his help because she didn’t feel it was genuine, she probably felt he didn’t care. Just like in the song, the chorus goes “I know you don’t care too much but, I still care.” Medea was still hurt behind her husband’s actions.

Source: SoundCloud / babyjai09

3:16 A.M. is one of the songs I chose because for some reason to me it seems to fit this plot. I think of Medea plotting her revenge and basically having no fear in what she’s about to do. Even if there are setbacks it’s as if she’s ready for the consequences. I’m aware that this song is actually more of a dark love song to some, but in this case I’m picturing it as if Medea was having a conversation with herself. In the song the artist talks about how she’s spaced out and wide awake, which is probably how Medea spent some of her nights plotting revenge on her husband. The artist in the song speaks of not having the fear of falling and if everything goes well then good but if it doesn’t they’ll be back at square one. I feel that Medea was probably having a back and forth in her mind about her vengeful plot and this song fits the mood.

Source: SoundCloud / khaliya

The song “Lovesick” could perfectly describe what Medea was going through, throughout the text. She was so lovesick that she plotted to get revenge. In the song TLC talks about taking their emotions out on the guy that hurt them and that’s exactly what Medea plans to do. She plans to murder Glauce, Creon, and the two kids she and Jason share. She wants to make him suffer and to feel just as lovesick as she is. She figures that by killing his new wife and his kids she will get the response that she is looking for. Jason will be just as devastated as she was when he decided to leave her.

Source: SoundCloud / Kyung-hoon Jung

Caught Out There” by Kelis is the number one man-hater song in my opinion, which is why it is perfect for this story. Kelis is basically going down the list of things she does for her man and how he doesn’t appreciate it and cheats on her. She vocalizes her hate for him by screaming “I hate you so much right now” repeatedly and threatening to kill him and the new girl in his life. It sounds a lot like irony, even though Medea didn’t tell Jason that she was going to kill their kids and his new wife.  This is basically when Medea reaches the end of her rope and carries out her plan of revenge.


1. Twisted- Christina Milian

2. Next Lifetime- Erykah Badu

3. My Little Secret- Xscape

4. The Vapors- Jhene Aiko

5. Rather Die Young- Beyonce


The first song is pretty much an introduction to this fast paced romance that Iseult finds herself in with Tristan. The song talks about how this guy has her mind all messed up and she’s going crazy over him. Her temperature is rising and her hearts racing when she sees this guy. All of these sound like signs of infatuation, because they were only stranded together for two days before turning to Cornwall, meaning in two days they fell madly in love (or not). This song is perfect for the feelings that Iseult felt for Tristan, she was head over heels in love with him. It’s basically like a sucker punch in the heart for her, in a good way. She’s so blindsided by this infatuation and love high that she’s on, she can’t see anything else.

Source: SoundCloud / Christina Milian

 This song can explain the torn feelings that Iseult probably felt, wanting to be with Tristan but belonging to another man. By being with him, I mean in public and not just in secret. Tristan obviously makes her feel in ways that her husband King Mark cannot. It’s a song about a woman who knows that in another lifetime she would be with the guy that she longs for over her current lover. If circumstances were somehow different I’m pretty sure that Isolde would be with Tristan in the way she desires and not just physically and in private. She’s selfish because she wants him even though she has a husband, but the man she wants isn’t the one she shares her bed with.

Source: SoundCloud / life.love.lenses